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Montréal En Lumière Is On & Here Are All The Things You Can Do For Free

Maybe winter isn't so bad after all. 😍

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Montréal En Lumière Is On & Here Are All The Things You Can Do For Free

Winter in the city can make you want to stay wrapped up under your blankets for four months. But sometimes, all it takes is a cool festival like Montréal en Lumière to convince us to hop out of bed and go enjoy the outdoors.

Everyone's favourite winter festival is back on from February 17 to March 5 — basically making the worst part of the cold season just a little more bearable.

This year's festival is going to have a major focus on Quartier des Spectacles' new skating rink, which officially opened to the public on February 17. So, you're going to want to dust off your old skates for this one.

You can head to the famous Scotiabank Skating Loop, which will be lit up in all different colours. There will also be an exclusive show created by Les 7 Doigts, a magical trail of light installations to walk through, including colourful teeter totters you can play on, plus giant film projections in the area — all for free!

As part of this festival, Nuit Blanche, one of the most iconic Montreal nights of the year, is taking place on February 26.

Wondering what the heck Nuit Blanche is? In simple terms, it's when Montreal has all kinds of activities going on until the wee hours of the night.

On that specific Saturday night, there are going to be over 50 activities happening all across the city.

You can check out the night's full itinerary on the Montréal en Lumière website.

Montréal en Lumière

Admission: Free

Where: Quartier des Spectacles

When: February 17-March 5, 2022


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