So there's good news and bad news. The good news is, Montreal's Turcot Interchange reconstruction is moving along at a good pace and should be done soon!

The bad news is that more construction on the Turcot means even more major Montreal street closures and traffic headaches this weekend. 

Traffic in Montreal is something to be expected at this point but it's always good for drivers to know which sectors to avoid. 

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This weekend, major sections of Highway 15 in the Turcot area will be completely shut down to traffic. Several detours will force drivers to find a new way to get around. 

Transports Québec said that the area should be avoided as much as possible. 

The construction is required to "carry out finishing and realignment work." 

This marks the second time in as many weeks that major construction will affect Turcot commutes on the weekend. Work will begin on Friday evening and continue until early Monday morning.

Here's which areas drivers should avoid.

Highway 15 south between the Turcot and the entrance of boulevard Gaétan-Laberge will be completely closed. The following entrances will also be closed: 

  • the entrance to Highway 15 south/avenue Girouard;

  • the Turcot interchange ramp leading from Highway 15 south/Highway 20 west;

  • and the Turcot interchange ramp leading from Highway 20 east/Highway 15 south.

Ministère des Transports

Highway 15 north will also be closed within the Turcot, including:

  • Exit 62 (De La Vérendrye/De l'Eglise), which will be closed until the end of September;

  • the entrance to Highway 15 north/De La Vérendrye;

  • the Turcot interchange ramp leading from Highway 20 east/Highway 15 north;

  • and the Turcot interchange ramp leading from Autoroute 720 west/Autoroute 15 north.

Along with Turcot construction, Montrealers driving in Saint-Henri will have to contend with more street closures and detours. 

The eastbound section of Saint-Jacques between Saint-Remi and du Courcelle will be closed to traffic. Its westbound section will be closed between Saint-Remi and Décarie.

Ministère des Transports

In Verdun, one lane in each direction of boulevard De La Vérendrye between de l'Église and Saint-Patrick will be closed. 

Rue Saint-Patrick will be closed until the end of September between rue Eadie and boulevard Monk.

Good luck out there, Montreal drivers!