Montreal Police Arrested A Parcel Thief & Say It Could Be Due To The 'Magic' Of Christmas

They also gave tips to prevent stolen packages.
Montreal Police Arrested A Parcel Thief & Say It Could Be Due To The 'Magic' Of Christmas

Last week, Montreal's police service (SPVM) arrested a man who they say stole two packages left at the doors of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve area homes.

The SPVM said in a news release that catching the thief red-handed was lucky, as officers from the neighborhood's Module d’action project were already on the scene, observing the suspect as the thefts happened.

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Was it the magic of Christmas that put the suspect in the path of the agents? Either way, some great gifts will be back just in time for the holidays!

SPVM news release

"Upon observing the suspect, officers noticed that he was stealing packages that had just been delivered to residence doors," says the release. 

Police say the arrest made it possible to immediately resolve the two package thefts as well as prevent other thefts. 

The news release also aimed to educate Montrealers on how to prevent their packages from being stolen.

Among the recommendations, police advise that Montrealers opt for a "delivery with signature" option if available, so that packages aren't left on their doorsteps if they're not home.

They also recommend having your package deposited in a safe or a bin with a padlock, instructing the delivery person to lock it, or asking a neighbour to pick up your package if you think you'll be out at the time of delivery.

More tips include delivering packages to your work, having your package delivered to a secure Canada Post dropbox, and installing a surveillance camera.  

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