Montreal Restaurant Sauvage Has A Sultry New Dining Room & Menu Fit For The Perfect Night Out

Introducing the Green Room.

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The filet mignon from Montreal restaurant Sauvage, Right: The interior of the newest dining room at Montreal restaurant Sauvage.

The filet mignon from Montreal restaurant Sauvage, Right: The interior of the newest dining room at Montreal restaurant Sauvage.

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Montreal — grab your friends, dress to impress, and get ready to indulge in an experience that is equal parts delicious and undeniably sexy. Sauvage, one of the city's hottest spots has unveiled its brand-new second-floor dining room and a sizzling menu, making it a must-try restaurant for the quintessential night out.

Located in the heart of Montreal's Vieux-Port on rue Saint-Jacques, Sauvage has officially launched the Green Room.

To complement the ground floor supper club, the restaurant wanted a way to revamp and showcase its basement space that offers a more intimate setting. "The Green Room is the perfect blend of fine dining, good private import wines, lounge music and a subdued atmosphere for a great night out without the hectic pace of the ground floor," says Matthew Guerguerian, owner of Sauvage.


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As you walk down the stairs into the Green Room, you're met with an alluring vibe, dimmed lighting and an instant rush of main character energy.

The new space is decorated with retro-style furniture, 8-foot tinted mirrored walls, and neon-lit accents — allowing you to enjoy your meal all set against the backdrop of an atmosphere that exudes total sophistication and seduction. While the ambiance was an instant turn-on, the food is where the real magic awaits.

Chef Matthew Bel's menu is a mouthwatering roster of Mediterranean-inspired dishes made up of tartars, grilled meats, a new cowboy cut steak, pasta, Moroccan-style octopus, Icelandic cod and the Surf & Turf burger with minced filet mignon and lobster tail, among many other delectable options.

MTL Blog spoke with Chef Bel, who dished on what his fave creation is and the veal is unquestionably his go-to. The standout dish is made up of a 10 oz milk-fed veal chop, mushrooms, goat cheese and balsamic reduction.

Guests can also enjoy a tasting menu customized for the whole table, which includes a three to five-course meal — offering patrons a chance to try a little bit of everything. From the arancini, and bruschetta all the way to the fried goat cheese balls and piper oysters, the starters completely tantalize your taste buds.

The crunchy exterior of the goat cheese balls and the creamy inside make it clear why it's such a staple on Vanderpump Rules (iykyk). As for the bruschetta, the freshness of the tomatoes paired with the finely chopped onions and crunch of the endive made it a dish to remember.

The main course includes options such as seafood risotto, mushroom cavatelli, lamb chops and a chicken thigh accompanied with saffron risotto. Mhm…saffron risotto. The Surf n Turf burger is a total must-try for those looking for an abundance of flavour. The blend of perfectly cooked filet mignon and grilled lobster tail all matched with an orange cream sauce, leak and a potato bun make it an orgasmic choice.

The culinary journey doesn't end there. To finish, you can enjoy a delish crème brulée, tiramisu or an affogato all while sipping a chocolate caramel martini. How divine right?

With that being said, it's safe to say Chef Bel didn't hold back and your summers just got a whole lot spicier.

Bon appétit, Montreal.

Restaurant Sauvage: New Menu & Green Room

Where: 52-54 rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal, QC

When: Wednesday to Sunday from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Link to Restaurant Sauvage website

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