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Montreal Terrasses Could Be Allowed To Reopen By The End Of May, According To A Report

Quebec's deconfinement plan is coming Tuesday.
Montreal Terrasses Could Reopen May 28: Report

Radio-Canada reports that Montreal restaurant terrasses could be allowed to reopen as of May 28. The news comes as the Quebec government prepares to announce its plan for the province's deconfinement.

The Radio-Canada report indicates that red zone terrasses will be subject to "strict" health rules. MTL Blog has reached out to the provincial ministry of health for confirmation.

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What other terrasse reopening dates have been floated?

The reopening of terrasses has become a hot issue in recent weeks.

In a May 6 tweet, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante announced that her administration was pushing for a June 1 reopening of terrasses in its conversations with public health authorities.

In response, Health Minister Christian Dubé suggested the call from the mayor was a move designed to bolster her campaign for reelection.

What have Quebec bars had to say?

A number of associations of bar owners have made their frustration with government restrictions known.

In an April 29 statement the Corporation des Propriétaires de Bars, Brasseries et Tavernes du Québec and Union des Tenanciers de Bars du Québec said that they felt forgotten by the government after months of closure.

"Our industry simply can't take it anymore!" they said.

"There is no way that we will tolerate being ignored and to be victims of such an indifference when we are (or rather we were) an important pillar of the Quebec economy for a very long time!"

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