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Montreal Weather Is Expected To Shoot Up By 20 Degrees This Weekend

Spring, is that you? 🌼

Montreal's skyline on a winter day.

Montreal's skyline on a winter day.

Between snow squalls, hella slippery roads and general winter ennui, we wouldn't blame you if you were desperately craving spring weather in Montreal. Thanks to a surprising twist in this week's forecast, you might just get a taste of spring sooner than expected because experts from MétéoMédia (The Weather Network) are predicting a 20-degree difference between the temperature today and the temperature on Sunday.

This means, believe it or not, it's expected to reach 10 degrees — yes, plus 10 — on Sunday, March 6, though it'll actually feel more like 7 degrees.

Weather forecast from Friday, March 4 to Thursday, March 10.Weather forecast from Friday, March 4 to Thursday, March 10.The Weather Network

So grab your bathing suit and head to the — just kidding. But maybe you can turn down the heat and wear a lighter jacket? It's also expected to rain so, if you bring an umbrella, you can go about your day without freezing your butt off.

This is a stark change from the weather today, which was minus 10 at around 11 a.m. but felt like minus 19 with the windchill, according to MétéoMédia. It's expected to go down to minus 14 and feel like minus 21 this evening, reaching minus 20 (without windchill) overnight.

There's also currently fresh powder on the ground following an Alberta system that MétéoMédia said brought nearly 10 centimetres of snow to Montreal on Tuesday, followed by up to 5 more centimetres predicted by Thursday morning.

On its website, Environment Canada has even issued a special weather alert for this weekend, which indicates that the change in temperature is related to "a low pressure system from Colorado."

"Southern areas of the province will experience a more or less extended period of freezing rain followed by a transition to rain as temperatures reach the 10 degree Celsius mark," it says.

Though MétéoMédia called the burst of warm weather "pronounced," it also said it won't last long.

"By Monday, the mercury will drop to the freezing point," said MétéoMédia's Francis Brière in a weather report. "At the beginning of March, the normal temperature in Montreal is close to 0°C. By April 1, a gain of 8°C is expected for the daytime average."

Even though February's weather was like a rollercoaster ride, the good news is that the hardest days are likely behind us. In just a couple of weeks, on March 20, we can officially welcome spring.

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