Montreal Weather Was All Over The Place In February — Here's What To Expect In March

Spring is almost here.

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Pedestrians walk through snow in Montreal.

Pedestrians walk through snow in Montreal.

February's weather was... extra. We had snow. We had freezing rain. We had regular rain. Heck, we even had fog — remember that? Luckily, the month ahead is looking to be way more basic. Here's what to expect from Montreal weather in March.

On average, the Island of Montreal and the surrounding areas saw 55 centimetres of snow come down this month, according to Environment Canada meteorologist André Cantin. We had 49 millimetres of rain, which was a lot — the average for February is only 20.9 millimetres. Despite some truly frigid days, the average temperature for the month was -7.5 C, which is actually above the typical average of -7.7 C.

The week of February 28 is going to be nice and snowy for the kids on March Break. We can expect around 10 centimetres to fall starting on Tuesday and continuing into Wednesday morning. After a short pause, the snow will pick up again on Wednesday afternoon, with another 10 centimetres predicted to fall through Thursday morning. It will be -7 C on Tuesday and -3 C Wednesday.

There are a couple of storms that may hit Southern Quebec next week, so batten down the hatches for that. We can expect some freezing rain on Sunday, March 6 or Monday, March 7.

The weather will even out by mid-March when the temperature is expected to hover right around the freezing point. The snow will begin to melt by the end of the month, with the occasional flurries and rain.

Jenna Pearl
Contributing Writer
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