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montreal winter weather

'Tis really is the season, isn't it? Montreal has received its first major snowstorm of the winter season and this weekend's snowfall has been nothing short of magical.

Now, I totally get that winter isn't everyone's favourite time of year. Still, when you consider the fashion, the charm and festivities all matched with the tranquillity and beauty of a white veil of snow covering the city streets and landscapes, you've got a picture-perfect winter moment.

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As winter's chill tightens its grip, the Montreal weather forecast is calling for a particularly messy week. Up to 15 cm of snow is expected in Quebec, marking a shift in weather patterns that could impact daily commutes and general mobility around the city.

Chilly commutes

A wintry system, as forecasted by The Weather Network, is on its way to eastern Ontario and southern Quebec starting Tuesday. The snowy invasion arrives with colder November temperatures, signalling a departure from the relatively milder conditions experienced earlier in the month. Montreal, Ottawa and Gatineau are expected to see significant snowfall by Tuesday evening, complicating the Wednesday morning commute.

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Montreal…winter is here.

Montreal welcomed its inaugural snowfall of the winter season this morning after nearly five centimetres of snow covered the streets and buildings of Montreal. Environment Canada issued a special weather statement earlier this week warning Montrealers of a possible snowfall and the federal weather agency was spot on.

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Montreal could get its first real taste of winter this week. An arctic air mass has ushered in an early winter chill. Now, Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the province: come Thursday, a blanket of snow is expected to descend.

The forecast goes beyond a light dusting. Southern Quebec is poised to wake up to nearly five centimetres of snow by Thursday morning. The city, which has been basking in the last vestiges of fall, will see a dramatic transition as the snow is set to become wet or change to light rain as temperatures rise throughout the day. The meteorological about-face brings with it a risk of freezing precipitation during the transition, a possible concern for early morning commuters.

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For those looking for things to do this winter season, a road trip to Ontario's Upper Canada Village is the ideal destination to get in the holiday spirit. Located only 90 minutes from Montreal, Upper Canada Village transforms into a magical Christmas village adorned with lights, horse-drawn carriages and Santa's workshop — making for quite the winter wonderland.

As fall withers away with the remainder of the autumn leaves, winter's chill is right around the corner, and while the season doesn't officially start until December 21, 2023, we all know winter loves to make an early arrival.

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While Eastern Canada is experiencing some warmer-than-usual days, the hot temps aren't going to last for much longer. In fact, Quebec and Ontario are expected to see a sudden drop in temperatures coming next week as a polar vortex makes its way across Canada.

"If this was January, temperatures below minus 20°C would be barrelling towards Ontario and Quebec," the Weather Network said in a recent report touching on an incoming bout of cold weather. Luckily for us, it's still only October, so the polar vortex isn't going to be sending frigid conditions our way just yet. Nevertheless, a "surprisingly strong temperature plunge" is set to take place this long weekend.

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Montreal — if you've got your eyes set on a new winter jacket for the upcoming cold season in Quebec, then you can likely save a lot of money this weekend at the LJJ Essentials winter jacket warehouse sale in Laval.

Yup. It's that time of year again: winter jacket season.

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As Montreal basks in the summer sun, the Farmer's Almanac is already poking us with icy fingers of the not-so-distant winter. Some might say it's premature, others would call it downright rude, but here we are, being briefed on snow while our ice creams still melt.

Using their weather formula, the Almanac is offering an extended peek into the chilly days ahead. If the Montreal weather forecast is to be believed, the 2023-24 season is poised to be… memorable. Of course, the whims of nature can always bring a surprise or two.

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Quebec's spring forecast warns of winter weather returning with a vengeance, and it appears as if Mother Nature is giving us a sneak peek at what to expect. The Montreal weather forecast is currently calling for up to 15 centimetres of snow over the week of March 13, 2023.

While snowfall is expected to be minimal over the course of the first few days, most of the snowy conditions are expected to hit Montreal towards the end of the week.

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Montreal's brief respite from bitter cold and stormy weather is coming to an end — expect a reminder this week that we're still in the depths of winter.

Environment Canada issued a special statement on February 21 warning of heavy snowfall, gusting winds and dropping temperatures over the following three days. Nearly a foot of snow is expected between Wednesday and Saturday.

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Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for Montreal as an intense cold front sweeps across Quebec starting Thursday afternoon to Friday morning. The warning was issued at 5:30 a.m. on February 2, 2023, and is currently in effect for Montreal, Châteauguay, Longueuil and the Laval area.

EnvioCan warns of temperatures dropping dramatically over the span of a few hours along with a combination of moderately strong winds, which will only generate even more extreme wind chill values as of Friday morning.

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In the summer, Montreal is a glorious place to be. The birds sing, the leaves are buffeted by a refreshing breeze and the sun shines radiantly above us all. There are pedestrianized streets and bike lanes galore, fresh meals and ice cream on every corner, parks full of picnickers and people pretending to be picnicking as an excuse to get buzzed on a weekday. In short, it's a blast.

But in winter, life is not nearly so sweet. There's ice and snow and hail and wind and more ice and more snow and ARGH! It's like everything is out to destroy your vibe at all times.

The one saving grace of surviving a Montreal winter is that, once you've done it, you're one step closer to being a real Montrealer. We live through the hellscape of snow and ice in order to arrive at — nay, to earn — the next summer season.

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