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Here Are Montreal's Chances Of Having A White Christmas This Year

According to a local meteorologist.
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Here Are Montreal's Chances Of Having A White Christmas This Year

Thanks to all the Hallmark movies, so many of us can't help but dream of Montreal's weather pulling through and letting us have a white Christmas.

With this thought in mind, MTL Blog spoke with local meteorologist Alexandre Parent, who works for Environment Canada, on December 1 to see what the predicted weather is looking like for Christmas 2020 in our city.

While Parent says "it's impossible to give a specific and detailed forecast" this early, he was able to provide statistics to give us an idea of what we can expect.

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70% or lower  Chance of having a white Christmas in Montreal.

"On average for Montreal, when we look at statistics over the last 30 years, we're having seven out of 10 white Christmases," Parent told us. 

This means there's a 30% chance of having a green Christmas. But, the meteorologist said, "the 30% chance is probably a little higher than that because of [the forecast] we're expecting in December." 

"That being said, there's no snow on the ground right now and we're expecting warm, at least above 0 degrees Celcius for the next week."

Yet there's hope because as Parent mentioned, "we just need a couple of centimetres [of snow] on the 24th in the afternoon and we have a white Christmas on the 25th."

Just don't get too excited — one of Quebec's latest winter forecasts shows that we could be in for a gross, rainy season.

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