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Montreal Weather Is Heating Back Up After Labour Day — Here's What To Expect This Week

Summer's not quite gone yet!

A sunny view of the Montreal skyline from Mount Royal.

A sunny view of the Montreal skyline from Mount Royal.

After some brisk temperatures in Montreal over the past week, it seems that Labour Day might be our last chilly day for a while. The Montreal weather forecast for the coming week shows temperatures in the mid-to-high 20s, with more sun than clouds and low chances of precipitation.

According to Environment Canada, the average high over the next week will hover around 21.7 degrees, with an average low of 11.3 at night. It might be a good time to make the most of Montreal's outdoor and green spaces before sweater weather fully sets in.

The Weather Network also predicts a warmer week to come, with temperatures that could feel as high as 33 degrees on Friday.

This heat seems to be related to a heat wave hitting the western half of the country, with places like Lytton, B.C., recording temperatures as high as 39.6 degrees, according to TWN. Once the higher temperatures pass through Quebec, the province is expected to settle back into the transition toward fall.

The meteorological consensus also seems to be that there will be little rain during the rest of this week, a welcome break from the storms and showers the city has been experiencing as the seasons begin to change. Next Monday, though, it's looking stormy again — TWN predicts a 70% chance of rain and cloudy skies a week from now. That transition to fall is shaping up to be damp, as usual. Let's be grateful that it hasn't yet turned into snow!

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