There's A Chance It Could Snow A Little In Montreal Next Week

While we've been enjoying unseasonably glorious weather in Montreal, true Montrealers have been holding their breath, knowing from experience that good weather can change on a dime — especially in April. 

As much as we were hoping winter was completely behind us, there is a chance that it could snow a little in Montreal next week. Ugh.

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Before you get too upset, one forecast is predicting snow on Thursday while some others are not so it's definitely not a sure thing. 

According to the Weather Channel — which services Apple's weather app and Google weather searches — there's a 60% chance of precipitation, which includes both rain and snow on the morning of April 22. The Weather Network also advises a chance of snow on Thursday but anticipates accumulations of less than a centimetre. Environment Canada hasn't called for snow at this point.* 

The good news? Even if the Weather Channel is right, the snow won't last long. Snow showers would become rain showers by Thursday afternoon and the next day is expected to reach a high of 15 C. 

*This article has been updated. 

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