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Montrealer Lubalin's New Video Turning Internet Drama Into Songs Stars Jimmy Fallon

Cathie really wants you to know: blue cheese has mold in it. That message is the focus of Montrealer Lubalin's latest hilarious video in his series "turning random internet drama into songs."

And this time, Lubalin enlisted none other than Jimmy Fallon and Alison Brie to help lyricize an online debate about salad dressing.

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Eternal thsnks to @jimmyfallon, @alisonbrie and the amazing people at @fallontonight for making this dream come true.


The drama unfolds under a post asking, "which salad dressing is your favorite?"

The most popular response is blue cheese — but not if "Cathie" can help it.

The social media user, played by Brie, feels compelled to remind every blue cheese lover in the comments section that "blue cheese has mold in it."

The video with Fallon and Brie is part four in Lubalin's series.

It follows videos dramatizing an exchange between an online vendor and a confused buyer, a post by a boomer upset by the theft of her broccoli casserole recipe, and, most recently, a call-out from a social media user who could really use some butter — but really just the butter (see below).

Who knows? If you're (un)lucky enough, your wildly inappropriate aunt's Facebook posts might be the inspiration for the next video.

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