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You Can Rent Vintage Pinball Machines By The Month From This Montreal Bar

If you can't go to the arcade, bring the arcade to you!
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You Can Rent Vintage Pinball Machines By The Month From This Montreal Bar

Since the advent of the arcade, people have flocked to pinball machines as the ultimate way to pass the time — and couldn't we all use new ways to pass the time right now?

Whether you're bored in your house, you want to live out an '80s movie fantasy, or you think a pinball machine would make for the coolest holiday gift ever, North Star Machines À Piastres has you covered. 

The Plateau pinball bar is now offering machines, as well as other classic games, for home rental on a monthly basis. It's kind of like a library for pinball machines (and, sorry bookworms, but it's way more fun)! 

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$200 - $550 Monthly cost to rent a pinball machine for your home

On its website, North Star Pinball says it has "games for any budget," which cost between $200 and $550 per month. 

The selection of pinball machines includes Stranger ThingsWizard by Bally, Jurassic Park ProFlash Gordon and more. 

You also get free delivery within Greater Montreal, setup and one free service call included in the price. 

North Star's online rental system makes it easy to see which games are available, which ones are already rented, how much it will cost you and what year the game was made.   

There is a two-month minimum but after that your rental is month-to-month, plus you have the opportunity to buy it if you fall in love. 

Beat your own score or challenge the roommate who's getting on your last nerve to battle it out.

You can submit your request to rent a game using this online form.

North Star Machines à Piastres, Home Rental Service

Price: $200 - $550

Address: The home of your choice

Why You Need To Do This: Who hasn't dreamt of having their very own pinball machine? Whether you're trying to beat the COVID-19 blues, living out an '80s movie fantasy or shopping for holiday gifts, there's basically nothing cooler or more fun than a vintage pinball machine. 

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