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July is upon us, which means summer is in full swing and everyone is searching for free things to do in Montreal right now.

And we're here to help! Here are 11 ideas that won't cost you a dime this month.

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The Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) — the regional transit authority that sets exo and STM fares — is overhauling its pricing system over the next few years, and phase one starts today. 

What exactly does this mean for you? 

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Montreal is the third most expensive city in Canada for expats, according to a new ranking.

Vancouver is still the most expensive, Toronto is second, Calgary is fourth and Ottawa comes in fifth, but overall, Montreal still a comparably affordable place to live for overseas workers, according to this year's Mercer Cost of Living Survey.

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You're more likely to know Katheryne Aubert by the moniker "Miss Coupon." The 23-year-old Quebecer is a self-proclaimed "couponing addict" who works as a professional coupon coach to "help Quebec families get more for their money."

She said she once paid $1.72 for a Pharmaprix bill that would have cost her $955.68. On top of that, she made $313.10 in PC Optimum points so she basically got paid to take home four full baskets of goods. Now, she's sharing her tips with you!

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Summer in Quebec is made up of nice weather, blooming flowers and outdoor activities. To make the most of the sweet joys of summer, here are six flower fields near Montreal for you to visit.

Some places even let you pick your own bouquets so you can come home with a souvenir!

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We all like to spend our money on silly stuff sometimes. And that's why the City of Montreal is known for many things: good food, beautiful parks, and totally absurd projects that cost several millions and sometimes billions of dollars. 

Montreal has a rich history of financial blunders that are arguably equal levels of hilarious and completely depressing. 

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With warm weather just around the corner, several boroughs have announced their plans for our beloved Montreal terrasse season

And if restaurants take advantage of these new opportunities, the season could be bigger than ever.

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In a meeting on December 9, 2020, the Montreal City Council voted down an amendment that would have funded body cameras for Montreal police officers. The defeat of the proposal — by a vote of 34 to 27 — was just the latest turn of events in the years-long, zigzagging effort to make the cameras part of the SPVM uniform.

Now, in the wake of the wrongful arrest of Mamadi Camara, supporters of the measure have once again renewed calls for additional police accountability. Here's a complete history of the political evolution of the proposal, and where it could go from here.

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When we think of tasty breakfast food, both croissants and waffles come to mind — and LApop in Montreal has found a way to combine the two to make the ultimate dessert.

Cronuts are so 2012... 2021 is all about "The Croffle Pop!"

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Since the advent of the arcade, people have flocked to pinball machines as the ultimate way to pass the time — and couldn't we all use new ways to pass the time right now?

Whether you're bored in your house, you want to live out an '80s movie fantasy, or you think a pinball machine would make for the coolest holiday gift ever, North Star Machines À Piastres has you covered. 

The Plateau pinball bar is now offering machines, as well as other classic games, for home rental on a monthly basis. It's kind of like a library for pinball machines (and, sorry bookworms, but it's way more fun)! 

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Buying property is pretty much a part of everyone's long-term life plan.

It usual follows this order: School, Job, Marriage, House, Babies, Death.

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In case you haven't heard yet, Montreal is planning a pretty ambitious project for our 375th anniversary.

The idea is to illuminate the Jacques Cartier Bridge in the same style as the Eiffel Tower.

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