Montrealers Made A Hilarious Halloween Graveyard Of Everything 2020 Killed & It's Too Real

October 31 is just around the corner, and despite that Halloween in Quebec is really only for children this year, many Montrealers have still dressed their homes to the nines for the occasion.

In fact, one household in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) used its Halloween decorations to make a surprisingly poignant and clever statement on current affairs — managing to make us laugh and freak us out all at once.

The property owners created a graveyard for all the social phenomenons we've laid to rest in recent years.

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One of the graves honours Toys R Us, which lost its "life" when it filed for bankruptcy protection in 2017.

Another grave mourns the People's Party of Canada, which failed to win any seats in its first and only election in 2019. 

A grave also references "civil political discourse," insinuating it ended due to the election of Donald Trump in 2016, as you can tell from the all-capital letters spelling out: "FAKE NEWS."

A plaque behind the graves marks 2020 as "the year that wasn't" — and it hit the nail right on the twisted head.


While Montreal adults can't have any group fun this Halloween, they can go on a spooky season hunt for the most sarcastic lawn in the city.

So, see if you can spot this one near Avenue de Melrose and Avenue Monkland — it's definitely a top contender.