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New Stats Show Just How Much Montrealers' Alcohol & Weed Use Has Risen Since The Pandemic

Santé Montréal's recent survey revealed some pretty shocking statistics...
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New Stats Show Just How Much Montrealers' Alcohol & Weed Use Has Risen Since The Pandemic

Santé Montréal recently held an online survey which found that, among other things, the pandemic has had a negative effect on Montrealers' use of alcohol and cannabis.

Before the pandemic began, 11% of Montrealers reported drinking alcohol daily, now that number has risen to 27%.

The number of people in Montreal who smoke cannabis every day has also seen a major jump, from 21% having smoked daily before the pandemic to 34% saying they smoke cannabis daily now.

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1 in 3 Montrealers who use alcohol report having increased their consumption since the pandemic began.

The increase in cannabis use "is especially evident among 18- to 34-year-olds," according to Santé Montréal.

The report also touches on tobacco use, to which 41% of Montrealers say they've been smoking more cigarettes regularly and 36% have been vaping more often since the beginning of the pandemic.

Santé Montréal provides healthy alternatives to using such substances, including:

  • "Do physical activity
  • Contact a friend
  • Do something you enjoy (e.g. listening to music or reading)"

It's advised that if you choose to use a substance, it's better not to stock up on the product and "delay as long as possible the time of your first consumption of the day or stick to specific times (for example, only on weekends)."

A list of resources for substance abuse is provided on Santé Montréal's website, including calling Info-Social (811), which can help direct you to more specific resources based on your needs.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or substance use, help is available. You can click here for additional resources.

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