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Montreal's C么te-Vertu Metro Station Is About To Close For 3 Months

The closure starting May 29 is part of work on a new underground metro train garage.
Montreal's C么te-Vertu Metro Station Closes May 29 For 3 Months

Starting Saturday, May 29, 2021, C么te-Vertu metro station will close for three months to allow for the "installation of a track switch ahead of the station," according to the STM.聽

The work is part of an ongoing underground garage construction project. The STM says the garage will "improve train frequency on the Orange line by up to 25%."

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For the duration of the work, the metro will be closed to all customers. Du Coll猫ge metro station will become the temporary terminus on the orange line.聽

The C么te-Vertu bus terminal will be open during the project.

There will also be a shuttle bus deployed between Du Coll猫ge and C么te-Vertu to ferry customers between the stations.聽

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