Montreal's Côte-Vertu Metro Station Is Closing For 3 Months

As part of the project to build an underground garage for trains, the STM is closing Montreal's Côte-Vertu metro station starting May 29 and continuing through August 22, the transit company reminded customers on Tuesday.

"Launched in 2017 and 77% complete, the Côte-Vertu garage project involves building an underground garage to house ten additional métro trains, as well as three above-ground buildings needed to operate the garage," read a press release.

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What is the STM doing at Côte-Vertu station?

The STM explains it has to carry out:

  • "track removal and excavation of the invert,"

  • the "installation and commissioning of the track switch," 

  • and the "addition of signalling equipment."

"Track switches are devices that allow trains to change tracks," the company states.

"Installing a track switch ahead of Côte-Vertu station will allow trains to be directed straight to the departure platform, as soon as they arrive at the station, and resume service in the opposite direction more quickly."

"This means that customers will get on and off the métro at the same platform, improving service frequency during peak periods." 

What about riders who usually use Côte-Vertu station?

The STM is deploying "mitigation measures."

There will be a "special high-frequency bus line," dubbed Shuttle 810, between stations Côte-Vertu and Du Collège, which will become a temporary terminus.

Buses 64 and 470 will also stop at Du Collège.

The STM warns residents to "expect Du Collège station to be busier than usual."

More information on how the station closure will affect bus lines can be found online.

Why is the STM building the Côte-Vertu garage?

The company says the garage "will improve train frequency on the Orange line by up to 25%"

"The balancing out of the number of train storage spaces at each end of the Orange line will provide operational flexibility for adding trains, support the expected growth in ridership in the coming years and increase the offer of service to keep pace with the extension of the Blue line."