Someone Violently Smashed A Montreal Metro Ticket Box With A Hammer This Weekend

The window of a ticket box inside a Montreal metro station took a hard hit on Friday, October 8 when an individual decided to attack it with a hammer-like object.

The event took place at Côte-Vertu metro, which was just reopened in August after undergoing three months of construction.

SPVM spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant explained that "a man presented himself without saying anything to the employee from the STM started to hit the window with what looked like a hammer. From there — when he was finished — he left by foot," leaving behind approximately $5,000 in damages.

The STM employee told the Montreal police that they had no altercations with the man and were not harmed during the incident.

Brabant said the SPVM is still trying to figure out why this event occurred and told MTL Blog that investigators have yet to identify the suspect but are using the footage from surveillance cameras in the metro to try and do so.

If you want a visual of what the damage looked like, Étienne Fortin-Gauthier shared a video on Twitter of the metro after the hammer attack.