Montreal's Famous Musical Swings Are Back Downtown This Summer

The Quartier has been transformed into a huge playground.
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Montreal's Famous Musical Swings Are Back Downtown This Summer

Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles has finally unveiled its summer 2020 program and it's something to get excited about. Everyone's favourite musical swings are back once again, along with several other incredible new activities. Quartier des Spectacles has actually been transformed into a veritable playground so all of us can enjoy these warm summer months. 

À Vous de Jouer. Ici, là, Partout! is the Quartier's new spin on what summer can be under the current health guidelines.

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As an added treat, you should walk little further down rue Sainte-Catherine and head to the revamped Jardins Gamelin, which recently reopened with new guidelines until September 27.

Along with the famous musical swings, the entire area has been reimagined with plenty of greenery and features a huge outdoor terrasse with benches and picnic tables. 

Two "chill zones" have also been installed at each end of the fountain in the Quartier's large square, one where people can enjoy the soft melodies of a Patrick Watson composition and another small patio where you can eat a takeout meal. 

From July 16 to September 6, Montrealers will have an outdoor space at the Quartier des Spectacles that perfectly complies with social distancing guidelines.

The fun doesn't end there, however. From Thursdays to Sundays, surprise artistic performances will pop up in the Quartier to the delight of everyone who happens to pass by. 

From circus to music, there's no knowing what or who you might see stop by for a visit at the Quartier. 

No performances will be announced in advance to avoid crowds of people, so make sure you hang around and you could see something truly awe-inspiring. 

For the third year in a row, the Quartier des Spectacles will also feature several street art installations along the Promenade des Artistes. 

[rebelmouse-image 26884244 photo_credit="Quartier des Spectacles Montreal via Vincent Sauriol-Nadeau - Shoot Studio" expand=1 original_size="2000x1335"] Quartier des Spectacles Montreal via Vincent Sauriol-Nadeau - Shoot Studio

Giant visual projections will also illuminate the façade of the Grande Bibliothèque and other surrounding buildings, offering viewers a spectacular multimedia show. 

[rebelmouse-image 26884245 photo_credit="Quartier des Spectacles Montreal via Martine Doyon" expand=1 original_size="5760x3840"] Quartier des Spectacles Montreal via Martine Doyon

And finally, after you take in all the art and have yourself an excellent meal, you can challenge your friends to a game of chess at one of the several giant chessboards around the Quartier. 

Everyone visiting the Quartiers des Spectacles is strongly advised to follow all social distancing guidelines and to wear a mask if possible. 

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