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A Group Is Trying To Get Every Single Montrealer To Leave Food Outside On 1 Day This Month

They're planning a massive food drive — and want your help.
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A Group Is Trying To Get Every Single Montrealer To Leave Food Outside On 1 Day This Month

A food drive in Montreal that saw incredible success last year is back this March and the organizers are counting on Montrealers' kindness once again! The March 13th Miracle is looking for both volunteers and donors in the Greater Montreal area for the upcoming food drive initiative. 

In a statement shared with MTL Blog, Gillian Aitken, organizer of the event, said that "everyone is invited to participate by putting one can of food on their doorstep, volunteering to pick up the donations, or being a team captain in their neighbourhood."

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Participating in the March 13th Miracle is rather simple.

If you want to donate non-perishable food items, all you need to do is register your donation on the website and then simply leave them on your doorstep when the time comes. 

The organizers are hoping to build on the success they had last year with the September 13th Miracle

Organizers tell MTL Blog that last year, volunteers "went to more than 10,000 doorsteps and collected 25,000+ kg of food in one afternoon."

All that food was donated to "more than 200 families and 100 beneficiary organizations."

"If all Montrealers participate and be bound together with one cause of love and caring, it can transform our communities; it will break invisible barriers among people; it will help citizens lead more fulfilling lives," said organizers. 

Montreal March 13th Miracle 

What: A huge, city-wide, socially-distant food drive!

When: 10:00 a.m. March 13, 2021

How: Register your address before the 13th and leave some non-perishable food items on your doorstep. 

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