We Found The Key To Pure Bliss & It's The Extravagant Churros At This Montreal Spot

If you're going to churro, you gotta really churro...
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We Found The Key To Pure Bliss & It's The Extravagant Churros At This Montreal Spot

Montreal is a foodie city. Not just taste-wise, but looks-wise, too. Some might say it's downright radical. And if you're looking for a perfect example, look no further than Radikal Dezzertz.

Known for homemade gelato and churros, the menu isn't just good — it's wildly good.

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The store offers four styles of churros: the classic (stuffed churros coated in sugar), the Spanish style (thin and long, coated in sugar with an optional dip sauce), Churritos (mini bite-size churros similar to poutine but with churros), and Gorditos (churritos with ice cream on top).

Plus, you can get some elaborate toppings to take the flavour to the total next level. You can grab a box of six churros for $20 or a box of 12 for $38.

Asked what their most popular churro is, the Radikal Dezzertz team said, "honestly the most popular is so hard to decide. The older generation go for the Spanish and classic styles and the younger generation love the churritos since it’s more of [a] pig out."

If you haven't already checked this place out, then you definitely need to. And if you already have, consider this your reminder to head back (or order on Uber Eats and DoorDash) for another "radikal" experience.

Radikal Dezzertz

Address: 8460, boul. Lacordaire, Saint-Léonard

Why You Need To Go: For a totally radical dessert experience unlike any other.

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