Montreal's Saute-Moutons Jet Boats Are Back This Summer

Like so many other Montreal companies, large and small, Jack Kowalski and his employees have kept Saute-Moutons afloat using innovation to make money when the pandemic left much of his fleet of jet boats high and dry in 2020.

"We almost didn’t make it," stated Kowalski. "Last year, we offered a smaller trip called Jet St-Laurent. It allowed us to respect the health guidelines while ensuring revenue."

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But today, by the Clocktower Pier of the Old Port, the Saute-Moutons jet boats were put back in the water and "captains, guides and mechanics are working hard to prepare for the upcoming season," according to a news release, though a specific opening date was not named.

If you’ve never experienced Saute-Mouton, hold onto your socks, or bring a fresh pair because they are about to get soaked. Since 1983, Saute-Moutons has allowed Montrealers to see and feel the majesty and power of the Lachine Rapids from the safety of specially-built jet boats.

"After a summer that never started, the crew is excited about what promises to be a busy summer," stated the company, which is consistently rated the city’s favourite nautical attraction by Trip Advisor.