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New 360º Projections At Montreal's SAT & Planetarium Could Explode Your Head In A Good Way

Take your pick at the IMERSA summit.

​People look up at a full-dome game projection of a maze with fruit.

People look up at a full-dome game projection of a maze with fruit.

If you've ever danced under mesmerizing projections at a Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT) dome party, or simply always wanted to, mark your calendar for later this month. IMERSA summit opens in Montreal from October 15 to 19 with a series of full-immersion digital experiences from around the globe projected in the domes of the Rio Tinto Alcan Planétarium and the SAT's Satosphère.

The five-day program will span film premieres, previews, and panel discussions from the innovative producers and users at the forefront of digital projection technology. More than 50 presenters from over a dozen countries will take part, including live shows from American performer Joshua Sam-Miller and Austrian artist MONOCOLOR.

"Entangled Structures" by MONOCOLOR."Entangled Structures" by MONOCOLOR.Courtesy of IMERSA.

"IMERSA's vision is to support an international community of creators and build bridges between different cultures and disciplines. We are very excited about this opportunity to showcase outstanding immersive music and cinema," said IMERSA Directer Dan Neafus.

This year marks the first time the summit is being hosted outside of the U.S.

"The event will be a wonderful springboard for promoting our unique and innovative approach to astronomy, which redefines the very essence of a planetarium," said Olivier Hernandez, director of the Rio Tinto Alcan Planétarium. The event proves Montreal's status as a centre of the immersive digital experience industry, he said.

"Cerebral Wastelands" by Zack Settel in collaboration with SAT Metalab."Cerebral Wastelands" by Zack Settel in collaboration with SAT Metalab.Courtesy of IMERSA.

Tickets to attend the event are available online with single-day tickets going for $200 and full-summit attendance costing $750.

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When: October 15 -19, 2022

Cost: $200 for a one-day pass; $750 for the full week.


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