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Montreal Is Creating Dozens Of Social Housing Units For Families & Singles In Parc-Ex

The city has acquired a huge property to make this happen.
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Montreal Is Creating Dozens Of Social Housing Units For Families & Singles In Parc-Ex

One corner of Parc-Ex is soon to be transformed thanks to a new housing project by the city. Montreal has purchased a huge property at 7290 and 7300 rue Hutchison to bring more social housing to Parc-Ex as the area undergoes huge change. This marks the first time the City of Montreal has exercised its 'right of first refusal' to acquire a property for rental housing in any borough. 

"This right of first refusal allows us to seize an opportunity and invest in social housing, for which there is a crying need," explained Robert Beaudry, executive committee member responsible for property management, planning, housing, major parks, and Parc Jean-Drapeau. 

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"If the City does not take tangible action in sectors undergoing transformation such as Parc-Extension, the most vulnerable populations will be forced to move, which we want to avoid." 

The purchase of this building will make it possible for the city to build some 40 units of affordable and social housing for families and single people. 

Montreal hopes to have around 225 units of affordable housing in Parc-Ex over the next few years. 

An increasingly bustling area with plenty of transit, Parc-Ex has seen some pretty big investment in recent years.

With the arrival of the Université de Montreal's brand-new MIL Campus, the neighbourhood has seen an influx of students and professionals that has dramatically changed the stock of affordable rental housing, according to the city.

"The Parc-Extension sector is lagging far behind in social housing development and we need to work twice as hard on it," said Villeray district councillor Rosannie Filato.

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"With the arrival of the MIL campus in Parc-Extension, we had to equip ourselves with tools to protect the people who live in the neighbourhood and who want to stay there." 

120 building lots and vacant properties around the MIL Campus and the outskirts of Parc-Ex are earmarked for conversion to social and affordable housing in the next few years. 

There's no word yet on when the units will be available. 

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