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Quebecers Can Expect To Have A Pretty Lame New Year's Eve This Year

The government announced gatherings will be prohibited. Party for one? 🥳
Quebecers Can Expect To Have A Pretty Lame New Year's Eve This Year

In a press conference on November 19, Premier François Legault announced new red-zone measures for gatherings this holiday season in Quebec.

Some Quebecers will rejoice over getting to see their families at Christmas. But condensing gatherings to a four-day period — between December 24 and 27 — means New Year's Eve is going to be pretty lame.

Legault asked those who see their families to self-isolate one week before and one week after gatherings. That means they're expected to be in self-isolation on December 31 and January 1.

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There cannot be gatherings [on New Year's]. We have to concentrate the gatherings within four days. 

Premier François Legault, in a press conference on November 19

"I understand there are people who will say, 'What do we do on New Year's?' We're listening to public health," he said.

"If we allow gatherings on January 1, it will create problems for the week after." 

This means regardless of your Christmas plans, you are expected to limit New Year's celebrations to members of your own household. 

Legault even suggested spending it watching Bye Bye, an annual Québécois New Year's Eve sketch comedy special on TV. 

Legault said that considering the gravity of the COVID-19 situation in Quebec, he hopes Quebecers understand the compromise of being able to gather with family the week before New Year's. 

All red-zone restrictions introduced specifically for the holiday season in Quebec will depend on COVID-19 case numbers remaining stable until mid-December, he said.

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