No Quebecers Were In The Habs Lineup For The First Time Ever On Monday & People Are Upset

Mayor Plante and Premier Legault called on the team to make an "additional effort."
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No Quebecers Were In The Habs Lineup For The First Time Ever On Monday & People Are Upset

Monday night’s game was not an easy one for fans who remember the glory days of Les Glorieux.

With Phillip Danault out with a concussion and Jonathan Drouin on an indefinite leave of absence, head coach Dominique Ducharme scratched forward Alex Belzile in favour of Ottawa-born Paul Byron (who is reportedly bilingual for what it’s worth) leaving the Canadiens with no lifelong Quebecers in their lineup for the first time in over a century of play, according to multiple reports.

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Sports fans are fond of saying "records are meant to be broken," but this one was different. This one was political.

"There are many talented young Quebecers and Montrealers who aspire to play in the NHL," stated Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante in response to an opinion piece on the subject by La Presse’s Alexandre Pratt. "The [Canadiens] need to make an extra effort to go get them. For their fans. For the French-speaking metropolis of America."

Quebec Premier François Legault also weighed in on Tuesday stating: "I think it's unfortunate that there aren't more [...] Quebecers with the Canadiens."

"Maybe one day, if we had the Nordiques, there will be a competition to see who can get the most Quebec players."

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A verified TikTok account, named @restepepe, features elderly Quebecers doing things young Quebecers would be able to do if they got their COVID-19 vaccines — like twerking at a pool party, TikTok dances with friends and beauty blender tutorials for a night out.  

The account, which amassed over 500,000 followers since its first video last December, is run by three senior citizen influencers and the Quebec government. It's part of a campaign to "encourage the youth" to get COVID-19 vaccines and it's making use of TikTok — or, as it's called in @restepepe's bio: "TicTac." 

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According to a belairdirect survey shared with MTL Blog, Quebecers are more optimistic and are more likely to take action on their goals compared to people in other provinces. 

"In a context where Quebecers are beginning to regain a glimmer of hope and normalcy, many are naturally thinking again about achieving their goals, dreams and aspirations," a spokesperson said.

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