Outremont Is Banning The SQDC From Opening In The Borough

There will be no recreational cannabis sales in Outremont.

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Outremont Is Banning The SQDC From Opening In The Borough

Outremont has decided to ban recreational cannabis sales in the borough following feedback from the community. At a meeting on the evening of February 7, elected officials put it to a vote and the results were 3-to-2 against cannabis sales.

The SQDC had wanted to open a new location in Outremont on avenue Van Horne, but residents pushed back.

At an information session, "some citizens present shared their concerns regarding the possible establishment of an SQDC in the area," according to borough council meeting minutes. During an online consultation period on recreational cannabis sales, 47 people "expressed their desire that the sale of cannabis be prohibited throughout the borough."

By the end of January, the SQDC abandoned plans to open in the area, the council said. Moreover, provincial law already dictates that a cannabis store in the City of Montreal can not be within 150 metres of most educational institutions (with the exception of universities).

The Outremont ban specifically covers dispensaries catering to recreational users. Medicinal cannabis dispensaries are still permitted under the new policy. "This article does not apply for a company of a person authorized by Health Canada to act as a cannabis dispensary for medical purposes," the borough council said in their decision on February 7.

According to the mayor of Outremont, Laurent Desbois, residents already have ample opportunity to get their fix without new dispensaries.

"There are seven SQDC's within a 3.5-kilometre radius in Outremont. Additionally, the SQDC same-day delivery for online orders. Outremont is one of the neighbourhoods best served by SQDCs in Quebec," Desbois told Le Devoir.

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