Plante Condemned Recent Anti-Vax Protests In Montreal & Called Some Tactics 'Disgusting'

At a press conference on Monday, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante condemned the recent spate of protests against vaccine mandates in the city and had some harsh words for the individuals participating in them.

"We will not let people who have particular ideas about vaccination [...] stop people from getting vaccinated, doing their work, taking care of people, or going to study," the mayor said.

Over the past week, protests against vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations for some workers have taken place in front of a school, in the streets and even in front of the MUHC hospital complex.

Plante specifically called a protest allegedly aimed at school students "disgusting."

On Monday, a group called the "Canadian Frontline Nurses" staged a demonstration in front of the MUHC, protesting against the vaccine passport system.

Plante said she was "outraged" by the protest at the hospital and that protest tactics have been "unacceptable."

The mayor also mentioned that the city is in discussions with its lawyers to "see what we can do."

"The line has been crossed and this must end immediately," the mayor wrote on Twitter.