Montreal Holocaust Museum Wants People To Stop Comparing Vaccine Passports To Yellow Stars

Jewish people were forced to wear Stars of David as identification badges during the Holocaust.

Montreal Holocaust Museum Condemns Vaccine Passport Comparison

The Montreal Holocaust Museum is asking anti-vaccine passport protesters to stop comparing Quebec's vaccination passport program to the yellow Stars of David that Jewish people were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

"Comparisons between vaccine passports and yellow Stars of David are offensive, inaccurate, and attempt to trivialize the painful history of the Holocaust," it stated in a tweet.

Jews were forced to wear the yellow identification badges throughout Nazi-occupied Europe leading to a genocide that killed millions of people, the museum stated.

"This symbol allowed the Nazis to target, persecute, and murder millions of Jews [...] As a result, the yellow star has become a painful symbol of Jewish discrimination and the Holocaust," it continued.

Demonstrators against Quebec's vaccine passport system, which would require people to show proof of vaccination before attending certain events and activities, have been spotted wearing yellow stars at numerous protests.