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Here's What You Need To Know Before You Head Out To Your Favourite Montreal Bar

Happy hour won't be quite the same.
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Quebec Bars Are Reopening With New Rules For Customers & Employees

After three months of confinement, Quebecers are slowly getting back into the groove of things. Over the past month, provincial health authorities have announced a series of reopenings including restaurants, casinos, hairdressers, and so muchmore. In anticipation of Quebec bars reopening to the public, the CNESST outlined a series of rules that all bar owners, employees, and patrons must follow. 

The Quebec government announced the reopening of bars on June 25. Drinkeries across the province are allowed to reopen as of this week. 

Considering that we're still in the thick of a pandemic, there will be some changes to how things operate at your favourite watering hole. Your happy hour won't be the same for a while! 

Like many establishments, bars will have strict rules to follow. To keep yourself and the people around you safe, it's recommended that you follow all the safety rules as they're written. 

Bars, like most businesses, will only reopen on a case-by-case basis. Be sure to call ahead to find out if your favourite local bar is opening. 

Here are just some of the rules, according to the CNESST, you'll need to follow next time you grab a pint.

First, there will be no dancing.

National Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda said Thursday that bars "clientele must remain seated to limit circulation between people." That also means no getting up to mingle. 

As with restaurants, the number of clients in an establishment is limited to how many people the bar is able to safely accommodate. 

Bars will have to establish one-way traffic flows where possible and two-metres of distance will be enforced for both clients and employees.

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Physical barriers will separate workers and customers in areas where it's not possible to practice social distancing and direct service isn't necessary.

Staff will need to wear PPE such as masks or face shields in service situations that require bursting the two-metre bubble.

As for ordering, it's recommended that screens or boards replace traditional menus.

Reusable laminated or plastic menus will be disinfected frequently.

After each customer, tables, chairs, glasses, and cutlery will also be cleaned and disinfected. 

Finally, frequent hand washing will also be enforced for both employees and patrons, who will also find hand sanitizer stations at bathroom entrances.

Bars define the Montreal summer experience. Despite changes to the experience, Montrealers will be happy to know they can once again head out for drinks on a terrasse.

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