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Quebec Just Broke Its Record For Most New COVID-19 Cases Reported In One Day

The province recorded 16 more cases than the previous record.
Quebec Just Broke Its Record For Most New COVID-19 Cases Reported In One Day

Public health authorities have announced yet another record-breaking daily increase of COVID-19 cases in Quebec

The previous record of 1,448 new cases reported on November 14 was eclipsed by 16 cases on November 26. 

In addition to this grim milestone, the province recorded another 20 hospitalizations and 32 deaths, though only eight occurred in the 24 hours prior to the report.

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1,464 New cases of COVID-19 in Quebec

1,464 new cases bring Quebec's total number of COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the health crisis to 136,894.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Quebec's public health authorities are trying to get us prepared for a holiday unlike any other.

The CAQ's holiday plan will allow families to gather between December 24 and 27 with a maximum of 10 people.

The plan was met with some confusion and frustration as some religious groups wondered why the province would make these special exceptions only for the Christmas holiday. 

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