In a press conference on November 25, Dr. Mylène Drouin, Montreal's regional public health director, outlined what Montrealers should do at holiday gatherings in Quebec this December.

Quebec's premier, François Legault has already stated that family members should wear masks at their holiday gatherings in Quebec if they can't practice social distancing.

Drouin took it one step further by discouraging typical celebratory activities for this year's holiday season.

Drouin said that families should avoid dancing and singing at their holiday gatherings to avoid spreading COVID-19.

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"Less is more. I think the less we do [at holiday gatherings], the better."

Dr. Mylène Drouin, in a press conference on November 25

Drouin noted that we tend to relax public health measures when we're around family members or in social situations, and she said there could be "peer pressure" to dance, sing and party with your family this holiday season.

"We [need to] try to maintain 2-metre [distancing], we try to protect our elderly, and we could even wear a mask in specific instances when we know we can't maintain social distancing," Drouin said.

She reiterated that Montrealers should not attend gatherings if they're part of a local workplace with a COVID-19 outbreak — especially if they have family members who work in the health-care sector.

Drouin also urged Montrealers to limit their social contacts to family in the allotted four-day period for holiday gatherings: December 24, 25, 26 and 27. 

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