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Quebec Just Had Its Biggest Increase In COVID-19 Cases In Over A Month

180 new cases were reported on Tuesday.
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Quebec Says It's One Of The Places Where The Pandemic Is Currently 'Best Controlled'

Quebec has reported its largest increase in new COVID-19 cases since June 12, according to figures from Santé Québec.

With 180 new cases and one death reported on July 21, Quebec has tallied a total of 57,796 infections and 5,658 deaths. In Montreal, there have been 28,167 total cases of COVID-19. 

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180 New COVID-19 cases On July 21

For over a week, public health officials have suggested that people go get tested for COVID-19 if they've visited bars or restaurants since the beginning of July.

Quebec has also made wearing masks mandatory in all indoor public spaces. 

Businesses that don't enforce the government's new rules can be fined up to $6,000.

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