Quebec Police Will Be Cracking Down On Speeders & Reckless Drivers This Weekend

They say the pandemic has led to more dangerous road behaviour.
Quebec Police To Crack Down On Reckless Drivers This Weekend

Quebec police will be patrolling the highways and streets this next week in order to "take intensive action against drivers who violate the Highway Safety Code," according to a press release shared with Narcity and MTL Blog.

Operation VITESSE (speed), taking place between June 11 and 17, is a collaboration between police forces, including the SPVM and Sûreté du Québec (SQ), and the SAAQ, who say that the pandemic has led to more dangerous road behaviour.

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"The reduced traffic volume, due to the pandemic, has contributed to the adoption of risky behaviours by some drivers and an over-representation of speeding in serious and fatal collisions has been noted throughout the Quebec road network over the past year," they stated.

Operation VITESSE comes as the province pushes forward with its reopening plan, which police said could result in "a significant increase in traffic on the road network" with the return of "various types of users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists."

Police are also expecting more workers on the roads as construction picks up again.

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