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Quebec Released A New Schedule For Moving Up Second-Dose Vaccine Appointments

See the calendar here!
Quebec Released A New Schedule To Move Up Second Dose Appointments

At a press conference on Thursday, Health Minister Christian Dubé revealed a new schedule by which second dose vaccination appointments can be moved up in Quebec.

The schedule will begin as of June 7. 

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What's the calendar for rebooking second dose appointments in Quebec?

[rebelmouse-image 26878275 photo_credit="Minist\u00e8re de la Sant\u00e9 et des Services sociaux " expand=1 original_size="4000x4000"] Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux

The new schedule will begin with priority age groups. 

In the first week, people 60 years old and older will be able to book a new second dose time, starting with those who are 80 or older. In the second week, people aged 35 and older will have priority, starting with those who are 55 and older on June 14. 

Finally, the third week will allow people who are 18 and older to make a new appointment, starting on June 21 with those who are 30 years old or older.

So if I already have an appointment for my second dose, can I reschedule? 

Indeed you can.

Dubé confirmed that even if you’ve booked your second dose when you went to get your first, you should have no problems rescheduling your appointment. 

"No matter what date you had, that you were given for the second dose, you have the right to readjust it," said Dubé. 

"People will be able to speed it up," said the minister.

But people will have to do it "correctly" — i.e. wait their turn. 

What else did Minister Dubé have to say? 

Dubé applauded the success of the vaccination campaign so far.

According to him, 75% of Quebecers already have their first dose — three weeks ahead of the original schedule.

The province is still aiming, according to the minister, to have "75% of the population, by age category, by August 31" fully vaccinated.

The minister also thanked Quebecers for their efforts in getting a first vaccine dose.

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