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A Survey Asked Quebecers To Weigh In On The uOttawa Prof Who Used The N-Word In Class

On October 27, Montreal marketing firm Léger released the results of a survey that asked Canadians about a recent controversy at the University of Ottawa in which a professor used the n-word in a class discussion about minority groups reclaiming derogatory terms.

The professor was ultimately suspended — a decision Premier François Legault questioned publicly at a press conference on October 20, saying he doesn't "understand" it. 

It was also recently reported that a teacher in Montréal-Nord had been caught on video using the n-word multiple times during a class.

According to Léger, it surveyed a representative sample of 1,523 Canadians. The largest proportion of respondents were aged 50 or over. 

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70% of Quebec respondents believe the "political correctness" movement has gone too far

In Quebec, 77% of respondents said they "support[ed] the professor using certain words in an appropriate context."

Only 13% of Quebec respondents supported students in protesting the use of the word in a class setting.

Quebecers ranked higher than all other regions in Canada when asked about their views on freedom of expression.

Eighty-six percent of Quebec respondents supported using "culturally insensitive words to stimulate a broader discussion." 

However, 73% of Quebecers said authorities should be able to ban social media users or groups that promote hate, violence or exclusion in their posts. 

Fifteen percent of Quebecers said that the only time culturally insensitive words can be used is by members of that specific minority group.

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