Quebec Is Building 236 Shelter Units For Women Fleeing Domestic Violence

Femicides have surged in the province in 2021.
Quebec Is Building 236 Shelter Units For Women Fleeing Domestic Violence

The provincial government is continuing its fight against femicide in Quebec by building 236 new "second-stage" housing units for women fleeing domestic violence

According to Women's Shelters Canada, second-stage shelters "provide extended services to women and children in need of additional time and support to heal from their trauma, who are facing barriers in finding permanent housing, and who may be at high risk of danger post-separation."

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Of the 236 "second-stage shelter" units being built, 77 units will be dedicated to the Alliance des maisons d'hébergement de 2e étape pour femmes et enfants victimes de violence conjugale's clientele.

In a May 14 statement, the government said it will also invest $9.1 million into rapid intervention units.

Rapid intervention units are made up of community agencies, government organizations and interveners who coordinate to create emergency crisis plans to intervene in situations of domestic violence within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the level of danger.

Last May, the Quebec government unveiled the outline of a new program supporting the training of 2,500 people in the field of information technology and communications. The list of training courses paid $650 per week is out and there is something for everyone.

Since July 1, it has been possible for people who have had to recover from unemployment due to the pandemic and for people who have not been studying full time in the last 12 months to register for one of the training programs of the Program for the requalification and the accompaniment in information technology and communications (PRATIC).

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