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Yes, Even Couples Who Don't Live Together Have To Wear A Mask For Outdoor Activities

Officials clarified the rules for outdoor mask-wearing in red and orange zones.
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Quebec's Mask Rule For Outdoor Activities Applies To Couples

On Tuesday, Premier Legault clarified that residents of Quebec's red and orange zones must wear masks for outdoor activities if they're joined by even one person who does not live at the same address — and that includes members of a couple.

In a tweet, the Ministry of Health and Social Services stated that while "this may seem contradictory for people in couples who do not live together [...] a police officer cannot know who is in a bubble with whom if the residence addresses are not the same."

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The ministry called it a matter of "consistency and uniformity" in the enforcement of health measures.

Asked about outdoor mask-wearing for couples on Tuesday, National Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda explained that "because of the variant [...] the risk is significant" when household bubbles come in contact with each other.

"Our main objective is not to frustrate people, but to protect them," he said.

The only exceptions to outdoor mask-wearing for adults who do not live at the same address are for activities in which they are seated at least two metres apart (like a picnic) and for swimming or water sports.

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