Quebec's Minimum Wage Is Set To Increase This Weekend

But we're still pretty average compared to the rest of Canada.

Quebec's minimum wage is set to increase to $13.50 an hour on May 1, which — as a reminder — is Saturday. 

This is an increase of 40 cents or 3.1% according to the Retail Council of Canada. For tip workers, the minimum wage will increase by 35 cents to $10.80 an hour.

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Compared to the minimum wage in other provinces and territories, Quebec's new $13.50 minimum wage is rather average.

Nunavut ($16/hour), British Columbia ($15.20/hour), Alberta ($15/hour), and Ontario ($14.25/hour) have the highest minimum wages in the country. 

Critics have demanded that Quebec should consider raising the minimum wage to $15/hour.

This includes the seven organizations that launched the 5-10-15 campaign, which advocates for giving workers their schedule five days in advance, giving workers 10 days of paid leave in case of illness or family responsibilities, and a minimum wage of $15 per hour.