Dubé Says Quebec Is 'Hardly Vaccinating Anymore' & He Blamed The Feds

But Trudeau sees it another way.
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Quebec's Vaccination Plan Is Stalling & Dubé Blamed The Feds

According to Health Minister Chrisitan Dubé, Quebec's vaccination plans are facing delays because the federal government hasn't supplied enough doses.

Pointing the finger directly at the feds on Friday, Dubé said it's "incapable" of providing vaccines. Despite what the health minister called a good start, he said "we're hardly vaccinating anymore."

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We are unfortunately slowed down by the lack of vaccines from the federal government. 

Christian Dubé

Dubé wants Quebecers to know, however, that the provincial government is ready to "vaccinate a lot of people. We have mass vaccination centres and we have people ready in all regions of Quebec."

He likened the situation to having a brand new car with no gas.

In a press conference later in the day, however, Justin Trudeau claimed that the government was ready for what he called "short-term" delays and has "planned accordingly."

"I want to reassure Canadians that we are on track," said Trudeau, reiterating his promise that six million doses of the Pzifer and Moderna vaccines would be delivered by the end of March. 

"We will get everyone vaccinated by September."

Cumulatively, Canada has administered 2.76 vaccine doses per 100 people as of February 5, according to data from Oxford University.

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