You Can Now Download Quebec's Vaccine Passport App VaxiCode — Here's How It Works

Vaccine passports will be mandatory to enter some spaces as of September 1.

Quebec's Vaccine Passport App VaxiCode Now Available

Like it or not, Quebec's vaccine passport will be mandatory come September 1 and if you want to do certain activities, you'll need to have it.

On August 25, the government launched an app, VaxiCode, where Quebecers can store their proof of vaccination QR code and present it to businesses and events that require it.

Here's everything you need to know about VaxiCode.

How do I download VaxiCode?

The app is available on the App Store for iPhone users and will be available on Google Play in the coming days.* If you've ever downloaded an app, you know what to do from here.

Once it's downloaded, VaxiCode will ask you to add your proof of vaccination either by scanning the QR code that you might already have in your email or by manually entering your information through's self-service portal.

What's handy is that you can add multiple vaccine passports on one phone, so you could theoretically include all members of your household if some of them don't have a phone.

A paper copy of your QR code vaccination proof will also be accepted at businesses and activities that require it.

Whether you show the QR code by phone or paper is up to you, but in all cases, you'll need to show a photo ID if you're over 16.

Where do I need to show my vaccine passport?

You'll need to present a vaccine passport at restaurants, bars, outdoor events with more than 50 people, cinemas, and many indoor sports facilities.

In certain settings, you won't need a vaccine passport. For instance, places of worship, beauty and spa services, libraries, museums and some outdoor activities are exempt.

The list is quite extensive. You can find all the locations on the government's website.

Who needs to have a vaccine passport?

All Quebecers aged 13 and older will need to have a vaccine passport to participate in certain activities.

If you're travelling into Quebec, you'll need to provide a photo ID and proof that you've been fully vaccinated with a Health Canada-approved vaccine.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on the vaccine and can answer any questions you may have. Click here for more information.

*This article has been updated.