Dubé Warned There Will Be Punishments For People Who Mess With Vaccine Passports

He warned of "sanctions" for people who "alter a document that's used by public health."

Quebec Vaccine Passport Alterations Will Be Punished: Dubé

Health Minister Christian Dubé gave some much-anticipated clarification on Quebec's vaccine passport system on Tuesday ahead of its September 1 launch.

He also offered a warning to anyone trying to, in his words, "get through" the system.

"I want to be very clear," the minister said. "There are penalties and sanctions for inappropriate uses" and, he continued, "there are sanctions in the criminal code for people who want to alter a document that's used by public health."

Dubé's warning comes after reports that fake versions of Quebec's QR code proofs of vaccination were for sale online.

Quebec also plans to issue penalties for people and businesses who refuse to use vaccine passports after a two-week grace period ending September 15.