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You Can Indulge In A 3-Course Lunch At This 5-Star Hotel In Downtown Montreal For Only $38

You'll feel like the rich and famous while sipping your wine.

Restaurant Renoir In Montreal Lets You Indulge In A 3-Course Lunch For Only $38

Typically, whenever we see photos of lavish hotels in the city, we assume their restaurants will cost an arm and a leg to eat at. But not always! Restaurant Renoir, which is attached to the 5-star Sofitel Montréal Hotel, has an ideal lunch table d'hôte special for anyone looking to dress up and treat themselves without breaking the bank.

The lunch table d'hôte is only $38 for a three-course meal, which includes the soup of the day, the "fish of the day, meat of the day or Risotto with tomatoes and saffron" and a tasty selection of desserts made by the pastry chef, Clément Tilly.

If ever you'd rather go for dinner, meals go up a little in price — but the dishes made by the renowned chef Olivier Perret, who was originally born in France, are totally worth the few extra dollars to have you feel like you're dining in Paris.

And for all you oyster fans out there, this spot has got you covered. You can eat them on its colourful terrasse while sipping one of many drink options.

So, if you've been hoping to slide into your best outfit and hit the town, Restaurant Renoir is a definite must-visit.

Restaurant Renoir

Address: Sofitel Montréal; 1155, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: To get a little taste of France on a beautiful Montreal terrasse — and for the lunch table d'hôte special, of course.


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