Montreal's Famous Ripples Ice Cream Shop Is Forced To Relocate To Make Room For New Condos

The end of an era...
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Montreal's Famous Ripples Ice Cream Shop Is Forced To Relocate To Make Room For New Condos

One of the charms of Montreal is its collection of locally-owned businesses and mom-and-pop shops bringing the city to life, as opposed to the more chain stores that you may see in other metropolises. But like so many places, Montreal is no stranger to commercial and residential buildings changing the entire feeling of the culture and landscape. And the beloved Ripples Ice Cream is experiencing these effects first-hand.

This ice cream shop has stood proudly on boulevard Saint-Laurent for 36 years.

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But due to a new permit to the building for a new residential project, one of Montreal's favourites will be forced to move.

For now, you'll still be able to get ice cream, frozen yogurt and coffee in the new, temporary location across the street in the basement of Moishe's old location at 3971, rue Saint-Laurent.

The iconic steakhouse has also been forced to shut down.

When I asked Richard Bernett how it felt to move out of the storefront that was his second home, he simply replied, "traumatizing," with a slight chuckle.

I can only imagine putting your heart and soul into not just your business, but your passion only to have to walk away after all these years.

And Richard's not the only one who's emotional.

The shop has been a go-to for ice cream lovers and Saint-Laurent lovers for years and has even won Best Vanilla and Best Chocolate in the city.

A friend took me to Ripples for the first time a few weeks ago.

He had told me it was the best ice cream in the city.

And I now agree with him.

Even some Montreal royals, including Leonard Cohen, have come to the legendary shop.

It's so good, in fact, that people have told Richard that Ripples has ruined ice cream for them... because they simply can't go anywhere else.

As for what's next for Richard and the team, they've brought the nostalgia and history with them to the new location. 

Richard told me about how he's been coming to Saint-Laurent since the '60s and has watched one of the city's most vibrant and colourful streets change throughout the years. 

The new development plans to have two commercial spots among the residential project. One of which will hopefully for Ripples.

But like you'd expect from any ice cream maker, Richard is trying to stay positive.

"I'm healthy. The store survived. We're still able to serve ice cream to the people that love it. That's what's important."

Gabi Sandler
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