With the city turning into a COVID-19 orange zone on June 7, we finally get to experience the long-awaited return of indoor restaurant dining in Montreal.

However, while some restrictions will be lifted, some rules will still apply. Here's what you need to know about indoor dining at restaurants in Montreal.

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Table seating

Like with terrasses, there will be occupancy limits for each table when indoor dining resumes at restaurants on June 7.

A maximum of two people from different addresses can sit at the same table, and they may be accompanied by their children under the age of 18.

People who live in the same household can sit at the same table with no defined limit.

Restaurant customers cannot change tables once they are in the restaurant and, with the exception of fast food, reservations are mandatory.

Alcohol and masks 

The sale of alcohol is not permitted in Montreal restaurants without the purchase of food.

Masks have to be worn in the restaurant at all times, except while eating or drinking — that includes while walking to the bathroom or leaving the restaurant.

Restaurants will keep an attendance registry of all their customers.