Incredible Snow Sculptures Popped Up All Over Montreal After The Snowstorm (PHOTOS)

No one does snow like Canadians.
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Incredible Snow Sculptures Popped Up All Over Montreal After The Snowstorm (PHOTOS)

No matter how old you are, there's something just magical about a massive snowfall. And Saturday's storm in Montreal, OH baby (or should I say SNOW baby?), was no exception. 

Some love to watch it from the inside, while others want to get out there and play like they did when they were kids. The opportunities for fun are endless, but one of my favourites is seeing how creative people can get with making the most amazing sculptures. Here are some of the most creative!

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One Montrealer knows that you can't run away from winter and you just gotta grab it by the reigns and make it your own (with a mask on, of course). 

Another knows that we all heading to concerts, which Montreal loves. No worries, though — This snow artist has you covered.

Or this guy who knows that winter is both the most chill and chilliest time of the year.

Everybody loves heading to the lookout on the mountain when they come to the city, including these two friendly tourists.

Others looked a little lonely while hanging in the park.

These three pals know that there's nothing better than spending a snow day with friends... even if that means making some new ones (literally).

This man managed to bring ancient Greece to Montreal by making a Venus de Milo sculpture fully out of snow.

May the frost be with you.

Gabi Sandler
Contributing Writer
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