6 Places To See Gorgeous Spring Flowers In Montreal That Aren't The Botanical Garden

Unlike the Botanical Garden, these spots are FREE!
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6 Places To See Gorgeous Spring Flowers In Montreal That Aren't The Botanical Garden

There's nothing quite like watching the season change from winter to spring as the weather warms in Montreal and flowers begin to bloom. And, while the Botanical Garden is awesome, it's not the only place in the city to see stunning florals. In fact, there are many great spots around the city to see the flowers bloom for free

The Botanical Garden also costs $16.50 for Quebec residents. Again, no shade toward the Botanical garden (you're lovely and precious), but sometimes we want to enjoy the beauty of nature without having to pay for it.  

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Address: 1620, boul. Graham, Mont-RoyalQuebec

Why You Need To Go: Between the perfectly coifed shrubbery and the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Rose Garden, this park is pure paradise in the spring and summer months.

Address: Between avenue Henri-Julien/rue Drolet/avenue des Pins/Square St-Louis in the Plateau

Why You Need To Go: This isn't just a green alley — it's a rustic alley known for having a beautiful garden and country lane vibe and is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Saint-Louis Square.

[rebelmouse-image 26879430 photo_credit="La ruelle champ\u00eatre Henri-Julien / Drolet" expand=1 original_size="1048x1398"] La ruelle champêtre Henri-Julien / Drolet

Address: 1, circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, Quebec

Why You Need To Go: The Gardens were originally created during the International Floralies competition of 1980 and designed by renowned international landscape artists. Now, it's a stunning floral park to walk through.

Address: Around rue Workman & rue Dominion

Why You Need To Go: Believe it or not, the Little Burgundy neighbourhood has many magnolia trees that live on people's front lawns, lining the streets.  

Dorchester Square

Address: 2903, rue Peel, Montreal, Quebec

Why You Need To Go: The perfect place to get your flower fix when you're downtown.

Regular city parks 

Address: Around the city

Why You Need To Go: Montreal is blessed with city parks where beautiful flowers bloom. From La Fontaine to Angrignon, Maisonneuve to Jeanne-Mance and Westmount, you can see a variety of flowers in the city's parks, including tulips and water lilies. 

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