Someone Decorated Montreal's Pink House For Christmas With A Mysterious Big Gift (PHOTO)

They really risked life and limb to drag a Christmas tree up there.
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Someone Decorated Montreal's Pink House For The Holidays With A Mysterious Big Gift (PHOTO)

The story of Montreal's mysterious pink house continues! The structure atop the old Canada Malting Silos building in the neighbourhood of Saint-Henri has once again been decked out for the holidays, and this year the daredevil trespassers went all out.

In addition to a Christmas tree, a photo shared with MTL Blog by one Gabriel Jacob appears to show decorations in one of the cabin's windows along with a huge gift on the roof of an adjacent shed.

In a post to the Facebook group "Montreal Then and Now," Jacob says that it looks like there's even a nametag on the present.

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The abandoned factory's pink house has been baffling Montrealers since the bright paint first appeared in 2019.

The site is completely closed off to the public and, according to owner Steven Quon, extremely dangerous.

He told Narcity Québec in a July interview that the climb to the top is about 142 feet.

[rebelmouse-image 26881267 photo_credit="Gabriel Jacob | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="1728x1296"] Gabriel Jacob | Facebook

"Let me tell you, the people who did this, they're crazy," he said.

"I've been up there before. The last 40 feet is with a ladder, outside, and it's high. Even working up there is not easy."

It's still unclear who's behind the ever-changing art project.

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