St-Viateur Sent An Order Of 17,280 Bagels On A Plane To Edmonton & It's A New Record

The Alberta woman who organized the order calls herself the "Montreal Bagel Fairy."
St-Viateur Sent An Order Of 17,280 Bagels On A Plane To Edmonton & It's A New Record

Montrealers, consider yourselves lucky that the nearest fresh Montreal bagel is just a short walk or car ride away. 

That's not the case for folks in Edmonton, Alberta, who have to fly fresh bagels in on planes — which is exactly how St-Viateur wound up fulfilling its "biggest single destination shipment" ever on June 8. According to manager Nicolò Piazza, it's a new record for the city's iconic bagel shop. 

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The order consisted of 1,440 dozen bagels or 17,280 bagels, which Piazza said filled 160 boxes.

It was a fundraiser for the Edmonton chapter of the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO), a group for Jewish youth.

"The amount of bagels bought will have a huge impact on raising money for our teen programming," said Tamara Vineberg, an ex-Montrealer who sits on the BBYO board, and who's known as Edmonton's "Montreal Bagel Fairy." 

This is Vineberg's second time organizing a massive shipment of Montreal bagels. The first was in September when 5,616 Fairmount bagels were FedExed to Edmonton.

Vineberg said she estimates that the June order raised over $14,000 for BBYO. She said Purolator also chipped in, donating about $10,000 to cover the cost of shipping.

Vineberg's Twitter page is currently full of retweets from people enjoying their bagels — a feeling every Montrealer can relate to.